About Eloise est mignonne




Clothing Collection

For Eloise est mignonne I designed a woman’s collection inspired by vintage items. It’s about a design transcending time, with its contained beauty, standing out by craftmanship to fit and reveal a woman’s body at its best.

Made with the utmost care for design, by using only first-rate fabrics that enhance their exquisit quality and style. These fabrics need to be treated carefully in utter to stay beautiful season after season.

The whole collection is developped as well as  manufactured in The Netherlands.



Using solid but supple leather, the starting point is the leather itself, as it leads me toward the final design of each bag. Standing out by its unique features. These bags are manufactured in small production at a leather studio in Amsterdam.


Selected vintage 

For Eloise est mignonne I select outstanding vintage pieces.


When a model is not available in the size you desire, please contact Eloise est mignonne so it can be tailor made. Eloise also gives you the possibility to consult if you need help with your choice.

 I hope the Eloise est mignonne collection will contribute to many women’s happiness, since it is made with Love and Care.


Leontien Konijn 







Photography: Fred Hommage