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Scarlett is a dress that looks marvelous on most women. Beautiful details of this particular dress are for example in the short retro sleeve or its waistline. Its fabric of Italian Jersey with a high level of cotton makes the dress very comfortable. The structure of this Jersey is a bit rougher then the one used these days. The combination of this design with a right fitting cut results in a radiant classy look. Scarlett wears elegantly with the right high heels as well as classic leather boots. Make it more playful and personal with some flat shoes or a supple boot.


This beautiful Italian fabric has a 70% of CO and 18% Pa and 6% EA.


Please take good care of this garment as well as all of the Eloise est mignonne garments. Please use dry clean only. Or wash in cold to lukewarm water with a very soft detergent of good quality.